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Which massage is right for you?

Our basic relaxation session is a “Swedish Massage”, which combines long, gliding strokes with firmer, muscle-specific work. Clients are fully “draped” – only the part of the body that is being worked on is uncovered. Euphoria therapists also offer deep tissue work and pre-natal massages. For special treats, our spa services also provide a variety of enhancements such as a peppermint foot rub, CBD infused oil and Aromatherapy. We have also provided a brief description of each service provided on our massage page if you would like to learn more about any option.

Swedish Massage

A full body oil massage is given to restore tired muscles, increase blood and lymph flow and bring peace to the mind and body.
$95 / 60 Minutes
$135 / 90 Minutes

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Deep Tissue Massage

A focused & specific massage with deep slow pressure to access the deeper tissues of the body and relieve pain.
$105 / 60 minutes
$150 / 90 Minutes

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Couples Massage

Enjoy an amazing experience for two. Side by side swedish massage in one of our couples rooms.
$190 / 60 minutes
$270 / 90 Minutes

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CBD Infused Massage

An essential add on for a deeply healing massage, that both relaxes and soothes, for those looking to treat chronic pain, anxiety and inflammation.
$115 / 60 minutes
$155 / 90 Minutes

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CBD Wrap Massage

Melt into a state of deep relaxation, easing tension and pain. Following a relaxing 30, 60 or 90 minute massage, our CBD oil will be reapplied to your body and you’ll be comfortably cocooned with hot towels letting your body fully absorb all the benefits of CBD, as we luxuriously massage your head and feet.  All times reflect the length of the massage plus a 25 minute wrap. I.E. 60 minute session = 30 minute massage + 25 minute wrap.

$140 / 60 Minutes
$175 / 90 Minutes
$210/120 Minutes

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Himi Stones Kid

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Warm Himalayan salt stones enhance your therapeutic massage restoring balance to the central nervous system through their healing properties.
$120 / 60 minutes
$150 / 90 Minutes

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Prenatal Massage

This nurturing massage is specially designed for the expectant mother.
$95 / 60 minutes
$135 / 90 minutes

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Are You Ready For Your First Visit?

We honor your time by reserving time and space specifically for you. We ask that you respectfully cancel or reschedule with at least 24 hours notice or you will be charged the cost of the service. Thank you!