Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for floating?

  • Do not shave or wax prior to floating to avoid discomfort in the salt.
  • Eat a light, healthy meal an hour and a half prior to your float. You don't want to be too full or too hungry while you're floating.
  • Avoid caffeine beforehand so you can relax easier.
  • Engaging in a quiet and calming activity or meditating prior to your appointment can help your body and mind ease into relaxation quicker, but is not necessary.

Do I need to bring anything?

You really only need to bring yourself!
You may want to bring a hairbrush, deoderant, or face cream if you typically use those after showering. If you have contacts, you should bring a solution to place your contacts in while you're floating. Towels, earplugs, and everything else will be provided. 

What if I'm claustrophobic? 

People with claustrophobia consistently report no problems with floating in our Wave Float Rooms. You're always in control of the environment, and you can get out at any time. Our tanks are not as enclosed as typical "float pods."

Can I drown if I fall asleep?

Nope. Some people fall asleep, but the water is so buoyant you stay afloat. The worst that can happen is getting woken up by a bit of salt water in your eyes.

How are the tanks kept clean?

The highly sterile salt water is fully filtered a minimum of six times between each float. The water goes through a 5 micron filtration system, is sanitized with a UV light, and is pumped through an ozone purification system.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! You cannot float in the same tank together, but we have two tanks so you can book two floats at the same time.

Can I float if I have my period?

We kindly ask that you reschedule if you are menstruating.​

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

We do! Please click here to learn more.